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September 15, 2013

Dear Rugby Supporter:

The Dayton, OH rugby community has seen significant changes since the purchase of dedicated rugby grounds in early 2012.  Initial steps were the development of Pitch 1 quickly to establish our rugby home.

At this time, the Dayton Rugby Grounds is open for regular use.  Weekly matches have begun on the first pitch as of August 23, 2013.  A new roof was recently installed to provide a leak-free building that should provide years of service before significant repairs are required.  The Dayton Rugby Grounds has men’s and women’s restrooms (running water and clean!), men’s and women’s changing rooms, an operating concession stand, parking lot, and more.  As good as that sounds, there is still more to do, and we ask for your help.

Pitch 2 is scheduled for development starting in October 2013.  IUOE Local 18 will provide all of the heavy equipment work while only requesting reimbursement for fuel expenses.  This is a tremendous opportunity and will create a quality match pitch.  The construction budget has been established at $12,000, which includes grading, fertilizer, and grass seed…ready to mow come spring.

We are soliciting donations specifically for Pitch 2 development via our existing Honorary Pitch Owner program.

Please consider a donation of $100, more, or whatever you are comfortable with.  Our progress has come through thousands of hours from more than a hundred people and little invested money.  With your help we can take another step.  Remember, all contributions are tax deductible.

Christopher A. Schreel, President
Five Rivers Youth Rugby Foundation Inc.